Tennis school/ Escuela de tenis adaptado

IODA wheelchair tennis school

The year 2022 marks a major step in the history of Club IODA Tenerife and the wheelchair tennis sport on Canaries biggest island. In May of that same year the first wheelchair tennis school in the south of Tenerife opened its gates for its students. Once a week our students use the opportunity to learn wheelchair tennis from scratch. The most important though is that they enjoy the sport and the companionship among each other.

Therefor we from Club IODA Tenerife want to express our gratitude to those who made this possible.
Thanks to the support of the municipality of Adeje, the Tenerife Top Training as well as Relevo Paralimpico with their supporters Fundación DISA and Team Bepro – the dream of teaching wheelchair tennis on Tenerife has become reality!

IODA escuela de tenis adaptado

El año 2022 ha marcado un gran paso para Club IODA Tenerife y el tenis en silla de ruedas en nuestra isla. En mayo inauguramos la primera escuela de tenis en silla de ruedas en el sur de Tenerife, dándole a nuestros alumnos la oportunidad de aprender y disfrutar desde cero este deporte.

Por ello, desde Club IODA Tenerife queremos agradecer a quienes lo han hecho posible. Municipio de Adeje, Tenerife Top Training y Relevo Paralímpico, patrocinadores Fundación DISA y Team Bepro.

Muchas gracias! Nuestro sueño de enseñar tenis en silla de ruedas en Tenerife se ha hecho realidad.

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