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Guided tours:

Arena negra trail

Difficulty : medium

Distance: 25 km

Elevation: 650 m

Time on bike: 2.30 / 3.00 hours

Upcoming routes

Our guided routes start from Santiago del Teide. If you book more than 2 days we can offer special trips to different areas of the island.

Santiago del Teide

Is a municipality that belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the island of Tenerife. It’s a small capital that is located in the urban area of Santiago del Teide, 930 m above sea level. 

This still very authentic and traditional small town is the perfect way how to start or finish your day in the mountains. Its quite common to meet elderly women of the village clad in their habitual black skirts, black blouses and straw hats, and elderly men in their felt fedoras.

Although the fast highway connection made this place easy to access and the tourism moved here quickly. It is not as quiet anymore but you have the chance to enjoy several local restaurants in the area.

In the center of the town you can visit the Church of San Fernando form 17th century build by Fernando de Hoyo Solorzano and admire the statue of Alonso Díaz Guanche chief in Santiago del Teide.

The town is located in close proximity to Chinyero volcano, where the last volcanic eruption on the island occurred in 1909. It has a great interest for its vegetation and wildlife. In the spring time, the place is probably most known for its blooming almond trees. If you come at this time of year, you won’t miss them on your biking route.

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