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Tenerife OPEN 2023: Elegance and Passion

Discover Tenerife OPEN 2023: An Adapted Tennis Tournament of Elegance and Passion

We are excited to present the Tenerife OPEN 2023, an exceptional sporting event that embodies the elegance and passion of adapted tennis. Sponsored by the Fundación DISA and in collaboration with IODA Tenerife, this tournament is much more than just a sporting event. It is a tribute to inclusion, diversity and excellence in sport.

Inclusion in Action

At the heart of this tournament is inclusivity. The Disability Association and Adeje Town Hall have played essential roles in its realization, working together to ensure that this event is accessible and exciting for all. Tenerife OPEN 2023 is an outstanding example of how sport can bring people of all abilities together in a friendly, high-level competition.

Tennis, a Shared Passion

Tennis is a sport that transcends barriers and is enjoyed globally. At Tenerife OPEN 2023, we have expanded the passion for tennis by offering categories for all: women’s, men’s and mixed. Each category will compete for a cash prize of 3,000 euros, a testament to our commitment to equality and excellence in sport.

A World Class Event in Tenerife

Taking advantage of Tenerife’s stunning surroundings, this tournament combines sportsmanship and elegance. Held in November, the mild climate and beautiful facilities of Adeje Town Hall create a perfect setting for high-level tennis competition.

Join Us

Tenerife OPEN 2023 is not just a tennis tournament, it is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and sporting excellence. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you are passionate about tennis or simply a lover of the sport, this event will inspire you.

This year, come and be part of the magic of Tenerife OPEN 2023, where elegance and passion come together in an unparalleled adapted tennis tournament. We look forward to seeing you in Tenerife!

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